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Why Custom Concrete Curbing??

Custom Concrete Curbing, or more specifically Extruded Custom Concrete Curbing is a method of installing solid, continuous concrete curbing to a garden/yard in one day. Start to finish. Without formwork.

Complete with multiple colors, Internal (Integral) and or external (as a release). Expansion joints are installed and one or two complimenting textures will enhance any garden landscape.

Does Curbing make sense for you?

Quality Decorative Concrete Curbing adds value:

- Beautifies and compliments any landscape

- Increases the "curb appeal" and potential value of your home

- Places a picture perfect frame around your garden beds
“A true value-added improvement in one day!”


Variety of options in the Shape of the Curb: 1. Slant, 2. Flat, 3.Textured, 4. Stone look

Variety of colors for Integral and release colors, we can blend multiple secondary colors to a max of ~4

Custom Concrete Curbing can be used for borders for:

    - flower beds, - mailboxes, - driveways, - tree rings, - walkways or any other setting where a structural border is beneficial.

Used in residential, new construction, commercial and other types of landscaping environments.


Provides a contour which highlights your landscape in a variety of unique custom colors, textures, patterns and styles. matches any style or hardscape Add curbing to the front or back yard, it really makes an impression!!


Continuous concrete edging provides an extremely effective root barrier.

It prevents the rock & mulch from washing out into the grass.

It also stops "grass runners" from creeping in.

It saves time edging, trimming & weeding.

Concrete is strong, durable, environmentally friendly and long lasting.

It will not rot, rust, separate, shatter, splinter, attract insects, etc.


Integral Color: We use a powdered dye color, we measure in while mixing. This color is solid throughout the curbing.

Release / Antique colors: We also offer additional colors that we can blend on top that enhance the color where the impression lays.

Best of all we can install Custom Concrete Curbing at most homes within one day.

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