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Curb Care

How do I take care of my curb?

Turn OFF sprinklers for at least 24 hours after install

Have a responsible person available onsite while the curbing is in process

Once we leave your property, you own the curbing!

When installing your curbing, great care is taken that it is perfect when finished. We walk the property with the homeowner to make sure all is correct and cleaned up.

Once we drive away whatever happens to the curb is not our responsibility.

DO NOT do anything around the curb for 48 hours after install which also means leaving your sprinklers off for at least 24 hours.

The curb may look and feel hard but takes a 28 days to completely set.

Rakes, shovels, and hoes can easily damage curbing.

Responsibilities of the homeowner.


Important: Allowing water to drain away from the house either over or through the curbing, is very important. Do not allow water to build up against the foundations, damage may occur to the foundation and curbing.

We install drainage cuts into the curb in the right areas to allow water inside the curb to drain away. THESE DRAINS ARE ONLY FOR DIRECT RAIN. Water from the roof needs to be directed outside the curb. For example: extending the downspouts over the top of the curb to get the water away. Drainage cuts in the curb alone can’t handle all the roof water before it pools next to the house and potentially damages the foundation.


Make sure the sprinkler system is turned off 12 hrs before installation of new curbing and left off for at least 24 hrs after. Be aware that when curbing is installed your existing sprinklers may be inside the curb and may need to be adjusted or raised. Most sprinklers shoot over the curb with no issues but sometimes and adjustment is needed. It's not our responsibility to do this, we are curbers.

Do I need to do anything to Maintain my Curbing?

If your curb is colored (Integral), it will need to be resealed periodically.

If you chose to have Grey Slant Curb you will not need to do anything to it as it doesn't get sealed. Anything with color that has been sealed will need to be resealed to keep the colors fresh. This may not need to be redone every year as it is up to the owner as to how glossy they want the curb or how dark. When acrylic sealers break down with UV rays they lose their luster and will seem like the color fades. It's not the color, it's the seal. They won't peel off or disappear, they just need to be resealed.

Mowing and Edging

Common sense is required!

Although landscape curbing is extremely durable and will last a very long time, it does not have the same PSI or Tensile strength as concrete from a batch plant. The mortar sand used in this product doesn't have rock mixed in for strength. Chemical additives are added for workability and strength.

Once the concrete is fully dry push mowers and riding lawn mowers can drive over curbing with no problems. Issues arise when mower decks are too low or care isn't taken when passing over the top. Concrete can be scratched by metal. Weed whackers don't create any problems with curbing unless your using a metal blade, (obvious)... Driving over curbing with large tractors or vehicles is an absolute no-no. It's not the curb that’s the problem it's the ground underneath. If your large vehicle will leave ruts in the grass imagine driving over the curb and it sinks. Common Sense.

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