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All-Curbs Continuous Concrete Curbing Process

Estimate, Preparation, Installation, Inspection and Payment Process(May 22)

The Introduction:

• The Homeowner completes the “Request A Quote” form on our website

• All-Curbs will reach back to you with any questions or arranges to meet at the project location.


• Homeowner calls to discuss, we ask them to complete a “Request a Quote” form, providing All-Curbs with the information we need to get the estimate process started.

Onsite: Estimate

• The Homeowner will explain their ideas in terms of layout, color and textures styles.

• All-Curbs will mark the layout (or can be marked by Homeowner or Landscaping contractor).

• All-Curbs will measure the length of the Curbing layout, count the items included and consider other factors.

• Items like tree rings have a minimum length due to more time spent on small tight circles.

• Excessive number of starts and stops, undercuts, drains, hand work etc. will increase the cost.

See pricing page for more information.

• An estimate will be sent to the Homeowner by email (unless requested otherwise), which allows them to review and approve the estimate online.

Once Project estimate is approved:

Approval is received once the customer agrees to the instructions in this website.

The customer is approving the location, type of curb, colors and texture/finish, price and payment terms.

A list of tasks that are required to be completed prior to beginning the Curb installation will be discussed at the time of estimate, and make up part of the agreement (if any). ex: Landscaping preparation, clearing / providing access to the property.

Prior To Installation: Preparation

Homeowners Responsibility

1.    Locate AND mark, ALL sprinklers, low voltage wiring, drip lines, and anything that is shallower than 3” inches from the surface. Usually, a locate service is not needed to perform our work. The Homeowner can make that decision. Any damage to services is not to responsibility of All-Curbs if items are not mark correctly.

2.    Water to sprinkler systems has been turned off and grass NOT watered at least 6 hours prior to arrival.

3.    Make sure the yard is clean and free of any pet debris or toys from children. The crew will need good clean clear access to the area where the Curbing will go, the path to get from our trailer to the curb locations and surrounding areas.

4.    Watch kids and pets (this includes stray animals) up to 24 hours AFTER the Curbing has been completed.

5.    Make sure any requested prep work has been done prior to crew arrival or this may affect appointment time and day structure, and additional charges.

6.    Our truck, trailer and equipment need at least 50 feet of street frontage of the property where the work will be done.

7.    Once complete we will collect all the excess concrete pieces. However, we must be careful not to damage the wet curb by small pieces of excess concrete/dirt flicking onto the Curb. Again, we will clean up all the larger pieces of excess concrete, we ask that you, in a few days take a rake and rake up the remaining small pieces prior to mowing or weed trimming.

The day of Installation:

Most importantly, please make sure there is a decision maker on site during the installation process. The decision maker is responsible for signing off on the project layout and making payment.

• The Installation of your concrete curbing is normally completed in less than one-day.

• Upon arrival on the scheduled day All-Curbs will review the work plan for your project with you (if not already done), making sure everything is defined before the installation process begins.

• Any footage or style changes that affect price will be reviewed with the Homeowner before the completion of work.

• The Curb layout lines are normally completed during the estimate visit, if not they will be finalized on the day of installation.

• All-Curbs can layout the curb lines or can work with your landscaping company based on good garden layout design principles.

• All-Curbs uses a 9” bed edger, that trenches 1-2 inches deep where the concrete curbing will be laid.

• All-Curbs will remove the trenching dirt and or other debris material as a result of our work, if required.

Existing Lawns:

Any existing Curbing or obstructions that conflicts with the new Curb layout should have been removed by “Others”. If not All-Curbs will run the curb outside the obstructions.

A 9-inch-wide trench 1–2 inches deep is created with a bed edger.

The sod is removed, and the trench is prepared for the Curbing to be installed.

New construction (or areas clear of vegetation):

No trench required, prepare surface for Curb to be installed.

All-Curbs Portland Mix:

• Portland cement

• Washed mortar sand

• Color (integral, optional)

• Water

• Chemical additives to Increase strength and slow dry time

Iron-oxide color dye is added to the concrete in the mixing process.

This insures integrated, long-lasting color.

• Wire cable can be added in the curbing if additional strength is required.

All-Curbs does not:

Provide gardening or landscaping services, we are Curber’s.

If you are looking for a good Landscaper or Concreter, we can direct you to reputable local companies.

Sting: Custom Curbing Machine

Bed Edger: Cuts 9” trench 1-3” deep

Laying the Curb:

Custom built Curbing machines extrude concrete thru a mold-head into the almost finished curb, eliminating the need for concrete form work.

The “finisher” uses two different custom trowels to complete the Curb to the desired finish. Before each troweling process a fine spray of “lubricant KP” is applied to the Curb allowing the finishing process to be crisp and very quick. Expansion joints are added every 1.5-2ft apart to help control cracking.

“V” drains and “Cut Downs” are added as required.

Texture: option

Secondary colors (Antique/Release) can now be applied prior to the rolled texture application. Texture is applied. Excessive color powder is blown off.

Sealing: option

If secondary colors are used the Curb will be sealed as part of the process. Multiple layers of sealer are applied after an initial coat to burn the Release colors in.


We clean our job sites and leave them as we found them except for your new concrete Curbing!

Final Inspection:

A final inspection of the job site will be done with Homeowner, all aftercare requirements explained before our departure.

An Invoice is sent via email at the completion of work, prior to leaving the site.


Payment is collected at the end of the installation.

If the Homeowner cannot be on site during the installation, photos can be sent as verification.

Payment: Credit Card or Cash.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Ph: 936 247 2963



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